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reverse applique coat
Basketweave design reverse applique suede coat
Peacock coat
Butterfly Coat applique art

Butterfly Coat. | Applique & reverse applique suede and soft coloured leathers.

Commissioned Butterfly Coat 1979. Design based on swallowtail butterflies particular to the family.

Private Collection.

John Jones Artist | Maker

Peacock Coat. | Soft ivory with reverse applique metallic inlay.

The Coat was commissioned in 1978 to replace a much loved but fiercley jealous peacock. Known as the "Clarence" coat. Private Collection.

John Jones Artist |Maker

Basketweave Coat. | Reverse applique with metallic inlay .

In the Collection of Mrs Prosser.

Commissioned Story Coat 1981. Metamorphic basketweave design. The coat panels were shaped as part of the design.

It was exhibited at Patchwork Exhibition Gallery/Reading Room, Soho, London 2010 and formed part of a presentation for Diana Princess of Wales by the Wales Craft Council, Kensington Palace 1983. By all accounts she could not resist giving it a twirl.

The coat is for sale in pristine condition all enquiries.

John Jones Artist | Maker