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Bird Coat John Jones
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Bird Coat. | Individual stitched pieces of soft coloured leathers .

Commissioned Picture Coat 1979 | Private Collection | Metamorphic bird design evolved from traditional illustration.

John Jones Artist |Maker






I see some of the picture coats as full body tattos you can take off at the end of the day rather like the intricate molas of the San Blas Kuna women. The original Bird Coat design is shown as a tattoo on the back of a virtual 3d model.






Bird 1 Air

The bird coat image was digitally drawn and painted in Photoshop 2010 and is now available as a signed limited edition of 40 Giclee prints in the gallery store.

John Jones Birds is a series of fantastical metamorphic digital drawings and paintings that evolved from the original pen and pencil sketches for the design of the bird picture coat.

John's coat Akhnaton forms part of the Collection at the V&A and his bird prints are also available online through Saatchiart and Artrepublic.