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Tolkein Coat
john jones artist

Tolkein Coat. | Individual stitched pieces of soft coloured leathers with reverse applique detail.

Created 1969 - 1970

John Jones Artist |Maker

Tolkein Coat Design. | pencil and gouache on paper | My everyday "Picture Coat" in the streets

I had already started making this coat in 1969 when I was accepted for an art foundation year. I created the design sheet as my first project and continued making the coat. My tutors became increasingly frustrated at what they considered to be a very narrow pursuit.

Threatened with expulsion and proscription at the end of the year which would bar me from going on to a BA degree course my tutors said I would never be able to become an art teacher. I explained I didn't want to be a teacher I wanted to be an artist. I left to finish my coat.

My second picture coat "Akhnaton" created six years later now forms part of the V&A Collection.