John Jones Artist
John Jones Art
eco footprint
anima mundi venice

Virtual Art Gallery Exhibition Artist John Jones | JJ Gallery

Pilgrim Coat artist maker john jones | model moniasse sesse | image courtesy gerald jenkins

"it is truly an extraordinary piece"

Metropolitan Museum of Art | 1000 Fifth Avenue New York | Costume Institute November 2013

SPIRIT 1 Edition of 25 Giclee prints CONSCIOUSNESS | Anima Mundi | Palazzo Ca' Zanardi Venice 2017

Solo Exhibition | Gallery Reading Room | Soho London 2010

Stitched Leaf Footprint Postcard. The leaves were collected from the footpaths and hegderows of North London, Coldfall Wood and Kenwood. contact for all enquiries and orders

Exhibitions 2017 Alchemic Body, Jorje Jurado Gallery, Bogota, Columbia, November 1st - 30th.

Consciousness | Anima Mundi, Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice, July 13th - September 3rd.

Exhibitions 2016 Portrait of the Artist and his Cat, Chriskitch Muswell Hilll London

Exhibitions 2013 Artworks The Phoenix London N2.

Exhibitions 2012 contributing artist: Muswell Hillbillies 1.0 The Local Gallery Muswell Hill London N10.

Exhibitions 2011 Fabulous Quilt at the Festival of Quilts NEC

Exhibitions 2010 - John Jones Exhibition Patchwork - The Gallery | Reading Room, London W1

House of Fairy Tales Exquisite Trove Newlyn Gallery Cornwall & New Gallery Walsall - contributing artist.

ToandFor Paper Exchange Exhibition Holloway Road, London N19. - contributing artist.

In 2006 John decided to use the experience he had gained producing virtual models and images for London's leading design houses and architects to create a virtual gallery and animated exhibition for his own work. He was one of the first artists to post an exhibition in a virtual gallery on YouTube questioning the role of curators and gallery owners.

The online virtual art installation "Leaves No Trace" followed in 2009/10

Past Exhibitions have included the Semain de Cuir, Paris, Design Centre London, Ruthyn & Rufford Art Centre. Commissions by Joanne Lyon, Aspen and the Coach Collection NY.

John Jones art work has been featured by the Sunday Observer, European Textile magazine Textile Forum Thames TV and the BBC

One of his early picture coats "Akhnaton" was acquired by the V&A Museum Collection London in 1989.