Artist John Jones | Barcelona Panels
John Jones
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artist John Jones

Barcelona Reflections | Artist John Jones | Individual stitched pieces of soft coloured leathers 264x35cm

digital art John Jones
John Jones Artwork wall panel
John Jones Artwork

Water Reflections | Artist John Jones | Presidential Suite Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona

johnjones artwork panel

Stitched Leather Mosaic | Foyer Lift Lobby Hilton Diagonal Barcelona

zoe clarke leather mosaic
john jones leather mosaic

Barcelona Artwork | Leather Wall Panels 2005

Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona Executive Suite

Individual stitched pieces of soft coloured leathers.

Leather was a natural choice as a medium for the Barcelona Hilton artworks as I wanted to refer to the early tradition of guadamaciles.

Applique and reverse applique leather art panels were created for the Presidential Suite

Stitched Leather Mosaic Panels were created for the Foyer Lift Lobby as an homage to the great man.

A 3d computer generated model of the waterline was created to capture the reflections

This panel was worked by Zoe Clarke