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Nefertiti Coat
Nefertiti coat detail

WORK IN PROGRESS | Picture Story Coat “Nefertiti”

Individual stitched pieces of soft coloured suede and metallic leathers.

Picture Patchwork, Applique & Reverse Applique.

The coat tells a story of fertility, beauty and family. Events happening around the making of the coat are also documented in a personal hieroglyphic code and so far includes family names, the financial crisis, the Philae Lander and Rosetta.

The Aknaton coat has references to Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign so I am agog to see who will appear on this coat. (I now know!)

I find the process more important than the finished piece. The complexity means it has taken a long time to make and the story it is telling is still unfolding.

Panels are currently being worked and the image will be updated as the coat progresses. All enquiries please Contact