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John Jones Coats The coats are applique, reverse applique & picture patchwork. Fine detail is built up from individual stitched pieces of soft coloured suedes and leathers. They are unique, timeless, amazing to wear or display . The original coats began in the late 1960's; I called them "walking pictures." Someone recently said my Akhnaton coat looked like a mural with sleeves.

I wanted to take pictures into the streets, shops, supermarkets without concern so durable leather was chosen and as it doesn't fray, detailed images can be created. The first trial "picture coat" was sold to Mr Fish, Clifford Street London. This helped fund the "Tolkien" story coat.

I had already started making this coat in 1969 when I was accepted for an art foundation year. I created the design sheet as my first project and continued making the coat. My tutors became increasingly frustrated at what they considered to be a very narrow pursuit.

Threatened with expulsion and proscription at the end of the year which would bar me from going on to a BA degree course my tutors said I would never be able to become an art teacher. I explained I didn't want to be a teacher I wanted to be an artist. I left to finish my coat.

The second picture coat "Akhnaton" followed in 1976 and now forms part of the permanent collection at the V&A

Akhnaton Artist's Coat Image Ⓒ John Jones | Photograph D Burnett

The picture coats were my everyday coats. They were made to question the preciousness of art in galleries and the nature of celebrity.

"Ideal for the monster storm that is raging outside" | GlobalYell

Akhnaton documents my visit to the British Museum Egyptian exhibition in 1972. Completed in 1976 It was acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum London in 1989.

The opportunity to become a starving artist and a patron of the arts simultaneously was priceless.

Both picture coats were borrowed for stage productions / theatre & pop/rock music and featured in magazines & on TV.

Commissions including the Butterfly Coat 1979 continue through to the present day.The original drawing of the bird coat is available as a limited edition print.

I see some of the picture coats as full body tattoos you can take off at the end of the day rather like the intricate molas of the San Blas Kuna women. The original Bird Coat design is shown as a tattoo on the back of a virtual 3d model.

BIRD 1 Air | Limited Edition Print

The bird coat image was digitally drawn and painted in Photoshop 2010 and is now available as a signed edition of 40 Giclee prints in the Gallery Store

Pilgrim Coat. | Applique & reverse applique.

Commissioned Story Coat 1983/4. Design interpreted from symbols and images meaningful to the client.

Acquired for a private collector by Kerry Taylor London 2013.

Image jess morriss

Image gerald jenkins

John Jones Pilgrim Coat 1984 | Image Gerald Jenkins 2013

"It is truly an extraordinary piece." The Costume Institute.

Metropolitan Museum of Art 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York.

November 2013

Seahorse Waistcoat. | Individual stitched pieces of soft metallic leathers with reverse applique detail.

Basketweave Coat. | Reverse applique with metallic inlay .

Commissioned Story Coat 1981, in the Collection of Mrs Prosser.

Metamorphic basketweave design. Exhibited at PATCHWORK Exhibition Gallery/Reading Room, Soho, London 2010.

The coat formed part of a presentation for Diana Princess of Wales by the Wales Craft Council, Kensington Palace 1983. By all accounts HRH could not resist giving it a twirl.

John Jones Artist | Maker

Peacock Coat. | Soft ivory with reverse applique metallic inlay.

The Coat was commissioned in 1978 to replace a much loved but fiercley jealous peacock. Known as the "Clarence" coat. Private Collection.

John Jones Artist |Maker

I made my song a coat Covered with embroideries Out of old mythologies From heel to throat;

But the fools caught it, Wore it in the world's eyes As though they'd wrought it. Song, let them take it,

For there's more enterprise In walking naked.

W B Yeats