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John Jones Coats The coats are applique, reverse applique & picture patchwork. Fine detail is built up from individual stitched pieces of soft coloured suedes and leathers. They are unique, timeless, amazing to wear or display . The original coats began in the late 1960's; I called them "walking pictures." Someone recently said my Akhnaton coat looked like a mural with sleeves.

I wanted to take pictures into the streets, shops, supermarkets without concern so durable leather was chosen, as it doesn't fray, detailed images can be created.

The first trial "picture coat" was sold to Mr Fish, Clifford Street London. This helped fund the "Tolkien" story coat 1969 which I designed and made during my art foundation year. "Akhnaton" followed in 1976 and now forms part of the V&A Collection. The sister" coat Nefertiti (featured in the European Textile Forum Magazine 2008) is a current work in progress.

They were my everyday coats. They are powerful pieces to wear and helped understand and question the nature of celebrity. Both picture coats were borrowed for stage productions / theatre & pop/rock music and featured in magazines & TV. I was however delighted when Joni Mitchell bought one of my patchwork denim skirts.

Commissions including the Butterfly Coat 1979 continue through to the present day. One of my favourites was the "pome" jacket for Adrian Henri. The original drawing of the bird coat is available as a limited edition print.

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