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john jones art
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john jones art
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John Jones artist
John Jones artist
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limited edition prints

Virtual Art Gallery Exhibition YouTube created 2006

Virtual Gallery

3d model created in 2006 with artwork image maps. was one of the first online artists exhibitions in a virtual gallery created by the artist.

"Glass Spider | Ad Astra" 2023

Medium digital | Giclee print on semi gloss paper 30 x 30 cm

Limited edition of 10

BIRD 1 Air | No:#15 of 40

Giclee print on photorag paper 50 x 50 cm


BIRD 2 Water | No:#10 of 40

Giclee print on photorag paper 50 x 50 cm


Avebury Standing Stones original pencil sketch

"Deconstruction Soho 69 "

Original signed Giclee print on photorag paper 1 of 1 (34 x 34cm)

Open edition prints available from Saatchiart online

Psychedelic Spider | Original signed Giclee print on baryta gloss paper 1 of 1 (90 x 78cm)

Burning Up on Re-Entry Print No: #2 of 10 Signed Limited Edition giclee prints on photorag art paper. Size 20 x 16 in (50x40cm)

Artist: John Jones | Medium: digital painting

£200 UK free delivery

€270 Europe free delivery

$360 USA Worldwide free delivery


Artwork will be shipped (in a tube) within 3-5 working days of your order


Contact Email to order your original signed print

Barcelona Streetmap 2007 (Guadamacile) Separate pieces of stitched coloured leathers 240 x 40 cm

Double Headed Phoenix BIRD3 Fire2 50cm x 40cm medium: digital painting. Giclee print on photorag paper all enquiries

Also available from Saatchiart online

Also available from Saatchiart online

Parallel Universe Signed Silkscreen Print

Image 51 x 39cm on white backgrount 70 x 50cm

£340 UK free delivery ( last 2 available )

Contact Email to order your original signed print


Saatchi Art online portfolio

WORK IN PROGRESS | Picture Story Coat

Individual stitched pieces of soft coloured suede and metallic leathers.

Picture Patchwork, Applique & Reverse Applique.

I always saw the original Akhnaton coat as one of a pair so it was natural to begin the partner coat "Nefertiti" at some time of my life, The complexity means it has taken a long time to make and the story it is telling is still unfolding. Events happening around the making of the coat are also documented in a personal hieroglyphic code and will include family names, the financial crisis, the Philae Lander and Rosetta, space ventures, political references, climate, endangered species and the emergence of Covid.

I find the process is more important to me. The finished piece tends to take on a life of its own rather like a "tulpa".

Panels are currently being worked and the image will be updated as the coat progresses. All enquiries please Contact





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V&A Collection

step this way is the online art Gallery of London based artist John Jones.

Some of the images I create come from my imagination rather than looking at something in front of me but I see shapes and life in everything.

The fantastical bird images belong to another world whilst having a feel of traditional illustration. They are serene and magical.

Developing original pencil sketch ideas for my artwork, I also draw and paint directly on screen, including video and virtual art installation.

In 2006 I created one of the first virtual art galleries to exhibit my work on Youtube. It was to question the role of established galleries in the same way that my "picture coats" brought powerful images into the streets and everyday life. The reaction to their uniqueness questioned the nature of celebrity.

Current work in progress is a picture coat Nefertiti made from thousands of individual stitched coloured pieces. The events happening around the making are documented in a personal heirogyphic code. It is the "sister" coat to "Akhnaton" which now forms part of the V&A Collection

Exhibitions include Consciousness | Anima Mundi, Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice 2017, The Phoenix North London and Gallery/Reading Room Soho. Group shows with Exquisite Trove, Newlyn Gallery Cornwall.

I completed an art college foundation year but the focus on my own work rather than their corriculum let to me being 'proscribed' for my impertinence.

The Bird series are available as giclee prints.

Virtual Art Exhibition | Leaves No Trace Installation 2010

An artwork of stitched forest leaves, from the trees in Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire, was created in August 2009. (National Trust / House of Fairy Tales)

It was natural to return the organic leaf art panel to the soil. The "recycle" journey back to the earth from the garden took five months.

The atoms leave a trace they just form a different part of the universe.

A video document and animated 3d virtual art environment was created from the event.

The virtual art installation helps to see round corners and leave no footprints.